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The Noodler's Neponset Acrylic fountain pen was introduced in December 2014. This long-awaited new fountain pen is the largest of the Noodler's pen line yet, at 6" long - even larger than the Ahab. The inspiration behind the design of the Neponset fountain pen comes from history: the shape of the Neponset is similar to the dirigible (airship), to which Founder Nathan Tardiff's family has ties.

The Neponset Acrylic fountain pen is fitted with an ebonite feed and 3-tined music nib, called the "Vishnu Victory" in honor of WWII Allied soldiers in India. The name is also in reference to the original material used on the Neponset Blimp, christened by Nathan's grandfather. The 3-tined music nib gives the ability to greatly vary line width, and lays down a generous amount of ink. The pen fills through a slide piston mechanism, which is accessible by removing the barrel.

The Neponset Acrylic is made of acrylic acetate, in many gorgeous colors and patterns, with variation in swirl patterns within each color. We strongly recommend you to give the pen a good flush with water or J.B Pen Flush before use, to clean out any residual machining oils used to cut the feeds for these pens, which will resolve most initial ink flow issues.